What day of the week were you born on and what does it mean?



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This free service allows you to figure out on which day of the week it was on the day you were born or on another specific date. Use the form above to fill in the day, month and year in figures. The correct day of the week will then be presented, provided that you have chosen a date between 1900 and 2050. As an added extra, we mention the astrological significance of your birthday.

You were born on a Monday This day, the first day of the week, is linked to the Moon. Those born on a Monday have imagination and don't like planning things in advance. They're flexible and good at improvising. However, they're perfectly capable of establishing themselves somewhere for a longer period. The most suitable jobs for these people have to do with communication, travel and art. They would feel uncomfortable working in a lab or bureaucratic environment. In love, they are romantic and affectionate. Dreaming of the perfect love makes them happier than mediocre reality.
You were born on a Tuesday This day, the second day of the week, is linked to the planet Mars. Those born on a Tuesday have great will power and a lot of energy. In general, such people are very ambitious and try to make progress, stopping only when they have reached their goal. One thing is for sure: they are in control and feel good in their skin in jobs where a lot of responsibility is asked of them, such as in the army. They also excel in the fields of research, precise sciences and gastronomy. In love, they aren't the romantic type. Romance is a waste of time in their view.
You were born on a Wednesday This day, the third day of the week, is linked to the planet Mercury. Those born on a Wednesday are generally well-spoken and have an innate talent for improvisation. This makes them good lawyers and prosecutors, for example, but also good sales representatives, journalists and politicians. They love juggling with numbers. They like everything to do with mathematics, astronomy and electronics. In love, they find it hard to place their trust in another person as they like to be adventurous; they are not often faithful partners due to their desire to try everything and learn all about it.
You were born on a Thursday This day, the fourth day of the week, is linked to the planet Jupiter. Those born on a Thursday are naturally well-meaning and open. Luck is on their side and their projects, which they usually prepare down to the finest detail, have a great chance of success. The careers that they are best suited to are usually those in industry, banking, commerce and trading. In love, they have a great need for authority (sometimes bordering on tyranny) and this is most clear to see within the family circle. However, they are generally very loyal, so long as they are not misled or betrayed, as they find this unforgivable in both love and friendship.
You were born on a Friday Today, the fifth day of the week, is linked to the planet Venus. Those born on a Friday have self-confidence and a generous personality. They sometimes become disconnected with reality, but this is compensated for with a heavy dose of optimism, which helps to get them back on track. There are many highs and lows in their lives and sometimes they have to deal with people who are false and whom they find it hard to defend themselves against. The jobs most suited to these people have to do with sales, fashion, crafts and decoration. For such people, love is the most important thing in their lives.
You were born on a Saturday This day, the sixth day of the week, is linked to the planet Saturn. Those born on a Saturday enjoy an optimistic and positive disposition. Sometimes it takes them a while to get going, but once they're off, nothing can hold them back. The jobs best suited to them relate to research, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, ethnology and architecture. They will only achieve their goal through hard work, because they can only rely on themselves. In love, they value excitement above all.
You were born on a Sunday Sunday, the last day of the week, is linked to the Sun. Those born on a Sunday can often rely on sympathy from others and generally have luck on their side. Everything relating to finance gives them the chance to shine. They are enterprising people who enjoy games and often win. Their environment is very important to them. They are demanding in friendship and rather faithful in love. In love, they value originality and always behave themselves in the right way. Furthermore, they would be reluctant to engage in multiple amorous relationships at the same time. They only feel content when their passion is shared.